A Recipe for Lifetime Achievement: The Art of Starting Small

​”I’m a big fan of starting small. Trying differrent things to see which one works and which one doesn’t. And iterating based on feedback” – Moses Auma

The day you busk in your success is the day you will be thankful you started small.

The historic book; How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie has sold more than 15 million copies all over the world! But it is not the volume of sales and revenue collected that matters, it is the new found magic how this book was started that really matter. It was started small, very small. And that is the achievement.
While giving a talk to a group of people, Carnegie said “I prepared a short talk. I called it ‘How to Win Friends and influence People. I say ‘short.’ It was short in the begining but it soon expanded to a lecture that consumed one hour thirty minutes.”

After delivering this talk, Dale found that the attendees started discussing their experiences and some ‘rules’emerged. Ultimately, the talk became a course and a need for a textbook of sorts emerged. Here is Carnegie on how the famous book became a reality:

“We started with a set of rules printed on a card no larger than a postcard. The next season we printed a larger card, then a leaflet, then a series of leaflets, each one expanding in size and scope. After fifteen years of experimentation and research came this book”

Yet still, we know that Richard Branson started the Virgin brand with a Student Magazine, but Virgin and Canergie’s book are just two of the many examples which shows that the reality is counterintuitive: truly, the best things we know and adore started as tiny things with almost inconceivable future. 

Life isn’t defined by epiphanies, big  or grand starts. I’ve always felt life is better defined by lots of small starts and finishes. 

Life isn’t defined by epiphanies, big  or grand starts. I’ve always felt life is better defined by lots of small starts and finishes. No supreme moments of clarity, just decisions to try something slightly more challenging than the day before.

I’ve noticed that great things almost always start small. I find similarly that some of the most important achievements I’ve made started as little projects. OneStepBeyond itself is a great example. It started as a short service messages sent to my contacts and classmates via WhatsApp. When I realised people received my messages with positive affirmation, it hit me that I could put pen to paper. 

Then I asked magazine Reel to be given a column to pen down a few inpiring words. After one year of consistent contribution, I realised I could create and maintain a blog as part of giving back to the society what I have been privileged to learn from others. Many small starts and small projects, evolving a direction as I went. And I have witnessed OneStepBeyond grow into the most authoritative blog for success, the only journey that the youth need as a manual for success. 

We all love to be part of big things. But that leaves all of us looking for big moments. For instance, an agribusiness management graduate will look forward to a bigger job position and huge perks. But you have to start somewhere, continously aligning yourself with the right skills managers look for that grants you such a lofty position. We can’t arrive at success by  one magic wand, we have to be patiently working hard at each stage. Small starts don’t need to be perfectly correct, they just need to move you another step further towards the goal.

The art of starting small demands that you don’t wait to jump into your dreams, if your life is inclined towards business, why not start hawking lollipops or ‘kangumu’ or credit cards to your campus friends? If you intend to become a politician, why not contest a campus election and lose? If you want to become a writer, why not start a free wordpress account and fumble? If you want to become a political analyst, why not take your time to study the lives of the existing gurus in that field first?

And I have witnessed OneStepBeyond grow into the most authoritative blog for success, the only journey that the youth need as a manual for success. 

It is essentially not so bad to have ambitious thoughts. And depending on the type of an individual, one either think big too much or don’t think big enough. It is those who think big too much who should need to pay attention to this post the more.

The day you busk in your success is the day you will be thankful you started small.


Living an Examined Life, Period

I’m going to post below a message that has been doing rounds on social media.When you read it keenly, you realise these are the exact ethos of living an examined life that OneStepBeyond has been propagating.

School rewards people for their memory. Life rewards people for their imagination.

“University Of Port Harcourt sending off 5473 students with 78 amongst them graduating with First Class was actually a milestone, but Prof. Abioye Isaac had this narrative:

“Academic excellence is overrated! Did I just say that? Oh, yes, I said it. Being top of your class does not necessarily guarantee that you will be at the top of life.

You could graduate as the best student in Finance but it doesn’t mean you will make more money than everybody else.

The best graduating Law student does not necessarily become the best lawyer. The fact is life requires more than the ability to understand a concept, memorize it and reproduce it in an exam.

School rewards people for their memory. Life rewards people for their imagination. School rewards caution, life rewards daring.

Contest an election and lose.

School hails those who live by the rules. Life exalts those who break the rules and set new ones.

So do I mean people shouldn’t study hard in school? Oh, no, you should. But don’t sacrifice every other thing on the altar of First Class. Don’t limit yourself to the classroom. Do something practical

Take a leadership position. Start a business and fail. That’s a better Entrepreneurship 101. Join or start a club

Do something you believe in.

Contest an election and lose. It will teach something Political Science 101 will not teach you. Attend a seminar Read books outside the scope of your course.Go on missions and win a soul for eternal rewards….

Do something you believe in!Think less of becoming an excellent student but think more of becoming an excellent person.

Make the world your classroom!”

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How Alcohol Use in Campus is Dangerous – The Best Campus News Site

This link will lead you to my first publication in life posted on Magazine Reel at least a year ago. It speaks of my humble beginnings and struggle with pen and paper. But I have just begun….. http://www.magazinereel.com/why-alcohol-use-in-campus-is-dangerous-and-how-you-may-turn-it-around/

There is power in humble beginnings. Never underestimate the power of a young ambitious man.

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Mother’s Day: God could not be Everywhere and therefore, He made Mothers

It is exceptionally beffitting to set a day to celebrate the heroism of the sturdy woman who pushes her child from her womb and helps the humanity to keep flourishing.

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” — Oprah Winfrey

Hey, this is the day of celebrating the essence of a mother. Mother’s Day is something everyone can relate to. People across regions, religions, castes, cultures, genders and financial status have emotions binding them to their mothers.

There could not be a more universal celebration than this one. A mother’s selfless love is the epitome of all feelings that one human being can feel for the other.


It is exceptionally befitting to set a day to celebrate the heroism of the sturdy woman who pushes her child from her womb and helps the humanity to keep flourishing. 

I have strong feelings of chivalrious respect for mothers for what they do and what they are.

I have strong feelings of chivalrious respect for mothers for what they do and what they are. These people serve as useful foils in the construction of our general lives. A day like this, we need to recognise their position as powerful tools that glue the missing links in our lives. Happy Mother’s Day!

There could not be a more universal celebration than this one.

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Georgina Mulwa: I Paid My School Fee with Proceeds from my Businesses

Georgina Mulwa. I mistook her for a second year student or thereabout.

I mistook her for a second year student or thereabout. Looking young, composed and wearing a big smile, she was enthusiastic about relating her own success story. Georgina Mulwa is a born again Christian, a high energy and absolutely versatile young girl. She wears two hats: a student and a budding entrepreneur.

Born in Machakos county and the second born in a family of five. She is a finalist at Egerton university taking Bsc. Agriculture and Human Ecology Extension. She says she is so passionate about business and loves to cultivate creative and innovative thinking in the line of entrepreneurship. She loves travelling and cooking and she is a committed listener.

Georgina runs three businesses concurrently: Mat making, designer scarfs and manufacture and sales of liquid soap. She learned how to make the table mats back in 2016 during her industrial attachment at Stella Cometa Organization. She says, “At Stella, I met a certain woman, a beneficiary of the organization and she willingly taught me how to make them though at first I was resistant because my field of study did not match with bead works.”

She begun mat making immediately after the attachment, that’s August 2016 and her first client was her mum “She encouraged me a lot and through her I got more clients. When I returned to school, my potential clients were the lecturers and a few students, currently as we speak I got two permanent customers back at home” says Georgina.

To increase her range of products, her passion in bead works rose to making designer scarfs with beads, bangles and necklaces for ladies and believes more is on the way.

She started up the liquid soap business in 2015 which she sells to hotels around the university, students and lecturers.

Mini table mat

Asked how the business has transformed her life, she says “I no longer ask my parents for money either for shopping, rent, upkeep or anything, I’m on my way to be a completely financially independent woman. I managed to pay my fourth year school fees through my business.”

Beautiful bangles.

She talks about what those around her thinks of her and her enduring sense of corporate social responsibility “I may not know if my friends are jealous but what I’m sure of is that majority are pleasantly challenged in that they will begin to ask questions on how I learned these  things, how I juggle it with my studies and many questions. For those interested in my work and want to know the art, I do teach them for free, for example, my three current roommates all know how to make the mats and liquid soap. Back at home, have taught mat making to more than five girls and have two women with whom I work throughout.”

Designer scarfs @ Ksh 400

To up her marketing efforts, she got a Facebook page:  Egecy Collections where she does most of her marketing even to other groups but also does that through sending to WhatsApp groups and friends and lastly showcasing products to people personally by going to their offices, homes and hostels.

She can customize the mats by inscribing your name or organization onto it.

Here is Georgina on juggling school and business ” I never miss classes to do business, once I get clients for my products, I make them mostly on weekends or when am free. I try to create time to satisfy the needs of my customers in time.

Table mat. Price depend on sizes and ranges from Ksh 100 - 800

The challenges she has faced are; dealing with defaulters and clients who don’t pay at the right time, but before then, she admits having had a challenge in the management of profits. She says it has not been especially  easy marketing to clients removed from her whenever she is in school.

"Don't sit on your potentials"

Georgina was not short of pieces of advice to us, “The advice I can dole out is this: Don’t sit on your potentials, everybody has his or her abilities and areas of interest and at that moment you realize this, wake up and walk and work toward achieving it, and importantly,  endeavour to seek the patronage of God and He will surely direct you toward realizing your call and purpose in life. Don’t be so much concerned about the challenges you will face on the way but focus on your goals.”

In future, she looks forward to expanding the business, starting a company and employing people.
Thank you for your interview with OneStepBeyond, the only place that reaffirm and communicates your worth and potentials. And thanks for making a contribution out there. Want to reach Georgina for her products? Please send email here: mosesauma1@yahoo.com. Thanks.

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“When I founded it early this year, I wanted to generate positive energy and reach out and embrace others”

The main reason I created this blog was to develop the human capital among Kenyan youth. Realizing that most people tend to live within a very restricted circle of their potential beings, I wanted to remind them on how powerful and endowed they are, and to approach every event of life with an unfailing optimism by placing an increasing premium on their potentials.

The vision was therefore to help unleash human potentials. It sought to see people through the lenses of their potentials and best actions rather than through the lenses of their current states or weaknesses. When I founded it early this year, I wanted to generate positive energy and reach out and embrace others through motivational writing. I wanted to deposit in people an inner longing to live a life of greatness and contribution.

My clients are those dejected and dispirited young people who thinks their dreams are too weird and may not come true. I seek to create a mental shift in the brain of a young man whose only consuming desire is to own a tin-roofed house to begin seeing himself living in a gated community. To assure a young girl that, yes she can found that company at 25. I make a case that the only difference between a professor and a student is time.

I’m a powerful believer in what people are capable of, today, a poor kid will be a policy maker tomorrow, a student a teacher, a campus politician a governor, a C.U chairman a bishop.

We have to remind ourselves though that, to realize our vision, there are certain specific things we are going to do. I have copied below an excerpt from the book : The 21 Absolutely Unbreakable Rules of Money to help drive the point home. Please tailor it to suit our discussion.

The Law of Cause and Effect -Everything happens for a reason; there is a cause for every effect. This is the “Iron Law” of human destiny. This law says that we live in a world governed by law, not chance. It says that everything happens for a reason, whether or not we know what it is. Every effect, success or failure, wealth or poverty, has a specific cause or causes. Every cause or action has an effect or consequence of some kind or another, whether we can see it, or whether we like it or not. This law says that all achievement, wealth, happiness, prosperity and success are the direct and indirect effects or results of specific causes or actions. What this means is that, if you can be clear about the effect or result you want, you can probably achieve it. You can study others who have accomplished the same goal, and by doing what they did, you can get the same results. The Law of Cause and Effect applies to money as much as to any other subject. This law says that financial success is an effect. As such, it proceeds from certain, specific causes. When you identify these causes and implement them in your own life and activities, you will get the same effects that hundreds of thousands, and even millions of others have gotten. You can acquire whatever amount of money you really want if you will just do what others have done before you to achieve the same results. And if you don’t, you won’t. It is as simple as that.

Why OneStepBeyond

I value my job and tends to do it with professionalism. Its a real big thing. OneStepBeyond is as good as any other site as I don’t tolerate sub-standard things. I want you to get the best articles written by the best international standards. To get the most out of it, I recommend you literally study them one after another and make your own notes. You can also share the links with your friends.


I'm a powerful believer in what people are capable of, today, a poor kid will be a policy maker tomorrow, a student a teacher, a campus politician a governor, a C.U chairman a bishop.

If you feel to write as a guest on this blog, you are welcome to send your pieces on my WhatsApp. I will edit and publish and people will be reading you all over the world! I’m ready to help you even if your articles may look like garbage and worse. I will never give up on you!

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These Are the Proven 4 A’s For Solution

Guest Post, By Hussein Juma.

imageHussen Juma is a first year Journalism student at Moi University and also a contributor with “The Communicator” their campu’s publication.

“The problem of yesterday, added to the anticipated burdens of tomorrow and carried today makes the strongest falter.” – Dr. William Osler. Have ever imagined living in a world free of any kind of problem? Living the kind of life anticipated to be found in heaven? Yea, it is debatable. Some will say it is the best while others will not concur.

We live in an environment where we meet several problems on our way in our daily activities; anyway the problems we encounter aren’t the big issue, but solution to them. “We don’t go looking for problems but they keep trailing us,” Jeff Koinange – the renowned JKL  Citizen interview program host once said.

Therefore when a personal problem comes, we should employ the proven 4 A’s for solution. These are ADMIT, ACCEPT, ADAPT and ACT.

To begin with, ADMIT, which is the process of granting permission of your problem into your mind. Perhaps it’s the most important step because you are thereby pined to think of a solution to it. Moreover, it is said when we have forces from within, life begins but when we have forces from without, life ends.

You might have just received a compulsory leave or an end of termination of contract letter from your employee, an evacuation notice from your landlord, plunged into a relationship break-up, just to mention a few. Always remember no matter what, life has to move on. You are tasked to find a solution but to begin with is admission.

What do you do when it rains? You have no alternative but to let it rain. ACCEPTANCE becomes the second stage in solving your problem. Therefore acceptance is the process of receiving an obligatory and promise to pay. This is the point when you start thinking of how to pay, getting out of your problem because it is your obligation to do so. Furthermore the problem is yours and not anyone’s. You seek help from friends, consultants, confidants and anyone who you feel free to share your problems with. Remember a problem once shared is halfway solved but bear in mind that not all that you share your problems with will sympathize with you. Expect anything from them, though you should soldier on as challenges are to make us strong and you are in a mission to solve your problem.

We have to ADAPT after finding a solution to our problem. Adapt is to make suitable for or alter so as to fit for new use. From my little Biology, case example of natural acquired immunity where our white blood cells acts in a way that once they are attacked, they retain the virus in their memory so that next time such an attack occurs; they are able to defend themselves. In case you had found yourself in a bitter of need of money, then you should adapt by adopting a saving scheme. There is nothing wrong with saving because after all it’s your money.

The final process becomes ACT, which can be described as exertion of power to produce an effect. However hard it is to implement that problem, you have to exert pressure. A chick acts with power to crack the egg shell once it is time to hatch so as to overcome its problem. Imagine if a chick takes that initiative to break the egg, what is wrong with you exerting the same pressure? Always believe that everything is possible because even the word itself says I am possible.


Happy New Month.

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