Faith Mwaura: I Lost Twice in the same Modeling Category But today I’m the Winner

This is what happens when an ambitious lady goes OneStepBeyond and practice the power of tenacity. Remember miss Mwaura we intervied a couple of months ago? She is back, this time round as the winner of the epochal miss Agriculture Egerton 2017 after trying thrice on the same. Please read her exclusive interview with MosesAumaSpeaksSite. Thanks.

imageMiss Agriculture Egerton, 2017/2018
Miss Agriculture Egerton, 2017/2018

Why did you get into this competition? Modelling is a passion. Like I said previously, I’m determined to grab any chance that come along. I wanted to grow my modeling career and with the title I would be easily exposed to the outside world .I also love Agriculture as it is the backbone of our country’s economy.

What were the preparations and arrangements before the event?
The preparations were not as sloppy as any viewer would think. It wasn’t easy to come up with ideas and outfits though I was well prepared for the competition. I had to spend cash on some attire… the whole look to be precise. Vigorous training that was on point by Mr and Miss agriculture 2016, Jaspher and Gasheri really gave me my footing.

What kept you ahead of the crowd?
The competition was stiff, all the models had great ideas. I just thought out of the box to come up with all of my wears. I listened to corrections from trainers and I trusted in God. With the past experience, I tried my best to perfect my previous weaknesses.

What was your experience?
It was a beautiful experience. The competition was intense and everyone was constantly working out to win the crown. This also being my third time contesting consecutively for the same title, I had confidence, I was easy, giving up isn’t my thing. I would advise anyone getting into the modeling world to always keep trying , trust yourself and trust in the Lord more eventually, success will come your way .

What does the victory mean for you?
It means everything considering it has been a long struggle. It reminds me to thank God for the far and for giving me the strength to handle the incoming responsibilities. I’m so happy. Congratulations to me!

Describe your fans:
Ooh my you would confuse me for a politician. I campaigned massively, helped by my friends. I was mesmerized by the support I witnessed during the event. I’m overwhelmingly indebted to them. I’m so humbled, moved and thankful to my funs and my supportive siblings.

imageMiss Mwaura and her fan.
Miss Mwaura and her fan.

You were required to conduct online voting and campaign. How was it?
I created a link and shared it to all of my friends on WhatsApp and Facebook groups. I also posted it on my instagram page. I made everybody my fan leaders. It was worrying that I was not leading until the last minutes when I formed a whatsapp group where my team did a good work, they voted and spread it far and wide. That is the time I took the lead. Thank you so much team Fai for Miss Agriculture.

imageCongratulations! Go OneStepBeyond
Congratulations! Go OneStepBeyond

What was the toughest part?
Yikes! It was hectic. Two days remaining and I had gathered nothing. I just had blurred ideas. I think gathering all the props was tough. Some you couldn’t get so you had to improvise.

Who were your inner circle working team?
From my well supportive funs who really turned up, my family, my closest friends and to this big team of designers; Millicent Anjiri miss Culture 2017, Winfred the make up artist and stylist, Loureen Chero and finally Ian Duncan, the main designer. I witnessed great support, coordination and love. I’m grateful. I thank God for the far may he use me as mentor…. to others as I strive to reach my goals.

What do you want to stand up for as the reigning Miss Agriculture Egerton?
Now Egerton is on Authority the finest Agricultural Institution in sub-Saharan Africa. I want to creat that impression to the rest of the world and use my position as well to campaign for sustainable farming and reduction of food insecurity. When beauty meets brain, something extraordinary just happens.

imagePhoto provided by the respondent. “I thank God for the far may he use me as mentor…. to others as I strive to reach my goals.”
Photo provided by the respondent.

Finally, OneStepBeyond gives you chance to make appreciation.
First of all I would like to thank God for everything. Then congratulate my designer Dante and my three friends (Millie, Winnie & Losh), this guy came up with the best ideas. His designs were unique and creative. He was there each time I needed him even though he was dressing another contestant who coincidentally became my Mr. Agriculture and I respect him for that. Working with Dante has been great experience. This guy has a wealth of experience to offer. Thanks for your generosity, time and thoughtfulness. Also to my fans, they really did a great job of voting for me, helped me where they could and even availing themselves in the event. Thanks for being there when I needed you, I really appreciated that. So many people told me to quit and some even gossiped telling me I can’t make it. My nature is that am determined and I believe in myself. I thank God for that. I don’t let anything stand in my way. 2nd Chronicles 15:7 says” But as for you be strong and do not give up for your work will be rewarded.”
Congratulations! GoOneStepBeyond.
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In Their Own Words: What this Young Girl Does with her Life will Make You Want to Do Something

Everyone is lucky to be gifted in one way or another but it takes effort and determination to discover and leverage your talents - Miss Mwaura

As part of my leadership challenge of inspiring other people to find and use their voice, unleash their potentials and track their handicapping beliefs, OneStepBeyond reaches out to one Faith Mwaura who speaks emphatically about her passion with modeling. Please read on.

OneStepBeyond: Tell us who you are and a bit on your background.
Fay: My name is Faith Mwaura, 21. I really love to be called Miss Mwaura. I am a Bsc. Agribusiness Management student at the Njoro-based Egerton varsity. Passionate, go getter, enthusiastic, social, God fearing and a fanatic to the welfare of humanity. I’m the second born in a genteelly humble family in Kiambu County. I count the role of my parents for the good character I have and the vigour to push on and attain beyond the limits. Thank you mum and dad.

OSB: So what is your passion in life?
Fay: My passion lies in the fields of beauty, fashion, salsa and of import modeling. Modeling is a part of me, and being at the runway is always the best moment of my life’s experiences. Always quenching my passion’s thirst. The urge to make it better every time and to help upcoming models and see them succeed is my best motivation.

OSB: I understand you are really passionate about modelling above all else, how did it begin? And what does it entails?
FAY: Well, modeling is the activity done by models on the runway to showcase their talents, designer’s work, a contest or promoting a product or company.
It all began even before I realized it was inborn..hahaa. I used to show some catwalks to my peers. Due to my remote primary environment, I never did any runway thing until high school which was just a fashion show. I may say I got a bit serious in campus where I joined a modeling class.


OSB: Sounds great miss Mwaura, have you since engaged in any sort of contest and if so, what was your experience?
FAY: My first pageant was in first year which was good performance first time on the runway. Second year, I contested on the same miss Agriculture Egerton but it didn’t turn out well. I may say lack of proper preparation and good designs resulted to the fail. Obviously it doesn’t feel good to fail but on the other hand failure triggers success and seriousness. My talent and passion are still part of me. I’m positive I’ll reach my dreams.


OSB: It is impossible to face modeling as a lone ranger. Who has been helping you along the way?
FAY: My family mostly my elder siblings Sam and Jeremy. Angela Mumbi was my first teacher, Joan Tonui has always been there to guide me in this industry. Am grateful.


OSB: Any stumbling blocks so far?
FAY: Challenges in modeling are very many and very wild. It needs one to be well funded with cash to support monetary needs like buying heels, clothes and accessories – attire . For you to join an agency most cases you need cash. Also vigorous training that needs one to be persistent and consistent to learn the obvious in this field. There are normally hungry hawks ready to take advantage of the naive new faces.
The secret to survive in the field is letting God manage, being passionate and carrying your principles all along the rader.


OSB: And what are you currently doing
FAY: I’m currently into commercial and runway modeling, doing my undergraduate of course, which I take seriously. I’m hoping to enroll young models and lead them where I can.

OSB: Future plans?
FAY: Owning a beauty parlour is a must, I’m confident. Opening a fashion house/agency, which might result to a multi-talent school God is faithful. Entrepreneurial skills gleaned from my course will help me manage or fund my enterprises that I hope to start.
And of course am still going to contest any pageant that grab my attention.


OSB:  Likes and dislikes?
FAY: I love hiking, making new fruitful friends, doing lots of adventure. I can’t forget photography. I hate snobbery and lazy heads.

OSB: Any other story I may not have been keen on?
FAY: Miss Mwaura is a business oriented woman. I have my small shoes business that I hope will lead me into the business world. Having the honour of being the Marketing/Promotion Director to Daframa Enterprises Kenya will be a good start for me. I yearn to end the poverty and create jobs to the many unemployed youths. That is another driver of my business dreams.


OSB: Your parting shot?
FAY: I can’t say I achieved much nor nothing, to my experience. If anyone advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, and endeavor to live the life they imagined. They will meet success unexpected in common hours.
Do what you believe in… You’re a dreamer to reach the stars and if you miss the stars you grab a handful of clouds.

Thank you so very much Miss Mwaura for recording your probable story with my blog, the only place that affirms and communicate your worth and potentials. Go one step beyond.

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A Lilting Testimony, In his Own Words

Hello, I am grateful for this post made by Willy Kipyegon, a Public Health student at Kissi university. I did not cajole him to write, he just did it. I thought you would like it. Enjoy


I did Not Achieve it in Isolation

In every society that we live in, everyone is a communitarian, thriving best in social connection. Relationality is everything. And even so, we get help from one another, we build each other to become a successful team. And my story with writing is not far from this idea of communitarianism and relationality.

I always had a burning desire to breath, sleep, walk, eat and talk through writing. At first I thought I did not have the courage to write but when I read Moses Auma on magazine Reel and asked for his email, that’s when I realized that there were just things I needed to know before I could write.

I remember pretty well, it all started with emailing. After a short exchanges and telling him that I like writing, our friendship took a new turn. I remember him telling me that those who like reading and writing automatically qualify to become his friends. And to be a good writer, I had to be trained, for we don’t assume we know!

The training started the day that followed. He put me through a rigorous online training. Where we really looked into many aspects: Developing a catchy title, coming up with an engaging paragraph one that draws in the readers, how to research and get articles, effective paragraphing, short and clear sentence structures, unity of words, graceful narration, the ending, and how to achieve the desired word count. Among many other aspects that are really, really important.

And even after the training and into the execution stage, especially when I wrote garbage-like articles, I felt like giving up and always looked for a valid reason to cushion my giving up formula, lest I be judged as a quitter. Auma could not have possibly allowed that to happen, he reached down and held my hand up explaining to me that it was quite in order for me to begin small.

He not only emphasized the need for resilience, he brought articles which we discussed on WhatsApp and this really opened my literary eye. He recommended that sometimes, I stop writing to give more time for reading.

What is more, he dedicated his time to edit my articles to give it form and authenticity, which he continues to do and I am grateful for. His unique ability to hold someone’s hand until you really know how to do it is what makes him a true leader. He really never gives up on you even if you make the silliest of mistakes.

His training took me off the ground with my first article being featured glamorously on Magazine Reel. The article is here and I know you will love it; Write Because you Have a Story to Tell Says A young Campus writer. Since then I have been blogging with WordPress as well on;  I will be a columnist in Kenya one day, I am positive.

It can take me forever to recount on each and every step with Moses. I’m forever grateful to him, he has been with me to this far. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. There is certain joy and peace of mind you get from writing. For crying out loud, I would recommend any aspiring writer to have him take you through the online article training. And to mentor you. That is the start point. His training is out of this world!