Welcome to mosesaumaspeakssite, OneStepBeyond. This is a leadership motivational blog where I let you read those stories you really want to hear. I have heaped responsibility on my overdeveloped shoulders to remind you to venture out,away from the familiar so that you may grow stronger and capable.

My intention with the blog is to challenge you to open your heart and mind to new ideas, challenges and experiences. My mission is to provide a healthy challenge to your current understanding of life and to help you discover and experience far more of life’s magic through out your lifetime.

The articles are creatively crafted yet soothing and uplifting and cuts across all aspects of life : Life and Optimism, Entertainment, Travel, Fashion and Style, Education, Agriculture, Leadership Development, Youth and Women Empowerment

Writing for you in this blog is a labor of love. It is one way I touch humanity, keep up with friends, influence lives and shape my country. I value this work even if it doesn’t pay in the short run.

My name is Moses Auma Speaks, a student at Egerton university. Former writer with magazine Reel. I’m a motivational writer, memoirist, a gifted mobilizer, an indefatigable youths activist and an embodiment of a life being lived. I’m full of confidence, exuberance, enthusiasm, muscular body, handsome face and self-assured stance.

I hope you will find the most in it, uncover the truths and appropriate it for your own self-development. Meanwhile, thank you always for your readership and for loving OneStepBeyond.