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The Proven Way Young People can Become Experts at Whatever they Do


To reveal, been mired in indecision over the most appropriate title for this article. To draw you in – which is an important aspect of modern writing, I wrote what you’ve seen up there as a hack to make tons visit and read! Haaa! Now, reboot your mind to think along this title: Why Giftedness is not Inborn. I swear by the bones of my forebears I will never put you into a trap.

Personal Story

Nine years ago, having spent my entire teens in the village, I stumbled upon a desire to be able to communicate fluently in English. As teens staying in the village, we had no knowledge of the official language of our country even though it was presumed to be the vehicle of communication between the government and us. This means that for a majority of us, language was a barrier. A huge barrier to self-development.

How could I rise to speak moderately persuasive English?

Here is the thing…

I picked a habit. I was smart enough to realize that anything that generates enduring value requires effort, focus and discomfort and that I needed to do something pretty uncommon. I began to read tiny severed pieces of newspaper I picked along the unpaved roads. Along the way, I felt an urge to say the words in the papers just the way they were expressed whenever I was speaking. I was feeling the words right within my system but I still could not bring myself around to speak them verbatim except through a life-long of purposeful and dedicated attempt to do so.

I can not overemphasize how hugely important a skill it has been for me and how not so difficult it is to master it if you are so determined. With many years of intense practice, my narrative changed. I started to become better in speech and writing. I was yet to volunteer more than a hundred articles to a local magazine for one year and even start a leadership motivational blog, OneStepBeyond, which is now gaining mainstream recognition for being educative and inspirational.

Valuable lesson

All good things require effort. That which is worth having will cost part of your physical being, your intellectual power and your soul power. Let us ever keep in mind that life is largely what we make it – David O. McKay.

My story has taught me one inescapable truth: I can not achieve anything outrageously extraordinary without putting in extra-ordinary effort. I’m speaking to you as much as I’m speaking to myself. Giftedness is a stubborn thing which is never inborn. Giftedness is a process. It is something we create painstakingly over time. We are going to need an uncommon level of grit and massive amount of faith even when we feel like giving up.

In an article exploring why genius takes time and extraordinary effort, Thomas Oppong writes “With considerable, specific, and sustained efforts over time, you can do most things you struggle with. You can only turn into the expert you want to become by deliberate, purposeful practice. Deliberate practice can do miracles to your mind. Genius requires extraordinary efforts Geniuses, past and present are normally identified by perseverance”

If you want to be good at something – and I know you do – then we can try this. To succeed, a person must do something strategic and productive to initiate the change required to achieve success. I’m not even the first person to suggest success requires extraordinary effort.


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