Life and Optimism

7 Plain Truths I’ve learnt in life: Number 6 will make you despise yourself.

This article is pragmatical, not philosophical. It is a practical manual of things I’ve learnt in life until now. It is not a treaties upon theories. Here are the discoveries:

1. People are not what they say but what they do. Human beings tend to be incongruent – their actions and words don’t agree. People will say things they think we want to hear or that they believe are expected of them. However, they might not truly do the words they speak. The simple reason I find is that humans are complex, and the choices they make are based on the situation. What people believe they will do is not actually what they will do. My resolution therefore is to place emphasis on people’s actions rather than on words and not to expect so much.

2. Nobody cares how hard you work. So many people wear their hard work like a badge of honor, myself included. But reality is that people will likely never measure the hard work you put in, appreciate your struggles to make a difference, or recognize your determination to break glass ceiling. For example, I know even my best friends don’t read my blog (they don’t even know I have mentioned them here!). They have no idea I’m a young writer refining my craft in the best way I can, the anticlimatic unimpressed look in their eyes crushes my soul – how can they not see what I do? But the secret is, persist on your craft until you have become a standout success. Only then they will look back in amazement and pay immense tribute to the processes and procedures that made you a standout success. Remember Mahatma Gandhi words “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

3. Thoughts are things and things are thoughts. The most powerful thing I find on earth is thoughts. All life, success, indignity, underdevelopment e.t.c spring from thoughts. Thoughts are things and powerful things at that. You create your entire world by the way you think. As a man thinketh so is he (I’m repeating sayings I’ve gleaned from books on thoughts). If I can conceive a success portrait in my thoughts then I can achieve it. Same way, if I can conceive defeat in my thoughts, then I’m already defeated with a mathematical certainty. Things are created twice, mental creation precedes physical creation. What does that mean to me? That I can have all the wealth, happiness, abundance, victory long before really physically possessing of them!

4. You attract in your life whatever you choose to pay attention to. Simple, and it flows with the discovery number three. I want to pay attention to the affirmatives in any kind of situation that be.

5. You only hate what you don’t have, even more you hate what you know you cannot have. “I dislike suites, I don’t even look smart in them.” “Why would I drink an expensive coffee in Java, when I can fix a cheap one in my room.” My friend, it is because you can’t afford and you know it like the back of your hands. Period!

6. Makeup truly makes people up. They call them beauty products. If the government would ban women from using makeup, a lot of kids will not recognise their own mothers!  As the name suggest, they make an ugly person look better. I respect ladies/women (my actions have proven this so many times) but, I have learnt that a single lady can exist twice – with and without make up. Those are completely different organisms. What is the probability that I meet the original person? 😂😂😂

7. Self-directed learning is more important than formal education. Learning based on interest and need is easier and understanding is much deeper than a compulsory standardized education. Untill this point in my life, I know formal education is overrated. I can’t agree more with Jim Rohn who once said ” Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune. Do I mean you disregard formal education? No.

So, what advice can I ever give from what life has taught me? Be the authentic you – believe in yourself ( you are a very powerful thing!). Obey psychology, if they tell you thoughts are things, believe it, if they tell you you attract in your life what you choose to pay dominant attention to, believe it and act upon it constructively. 

Invest in self-education as though you were tipped for an exam, improve on your gumption and ingenuity. Understand what you hate. And of course don’t fall in love (for those falling) with the make-up version of a girl but the otherwise – obey the law of originals.


Moses Auma Speaks,


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