​Here is the Celebrity Arms Race that has hit the World of the Youth

Our human society has been invaded by a community of untrammeled youth who wants to be famous just like that. Two in every five young people surrounding me wants to be Kim Kardashian or Álvaro Morata. There is undeniably a celebrity arms race. But it worries that folks want to be known for nothing. There is no any substantial alignment for this human want at all.

Even more appalling is how the want for the stardom is initiated. It starts with the wearing of, at wrong environments, shiny pieces of suites bought from Gikomba market. Reinforced with third-rate ties acquired at Muindi Bingu street. 

My boys probably think it communicates influence to dress this way, but it only communicates poor taste and the necessity of a personal stylist. These pieces of suit and ties are some of the things that need to be burnt and buried immediately. They communicate sartorial atrocity. Anybody spotted dressed in this manner should be cordoned off and declared a public nuisance.

The pretentious climb to fame is not all rosy. The shiny suites and mismatching ties must be propped up with dark sunglasses or its equivalent, worn at unreasonably odd hours of the weather. To culminate their efforts, one acquires a big tittle like Hon. or Prof. 

With a distinguished name under their belt, they create one facebook page and invite all of us to be fanatics but, that is not enough. They broadcast a WhatsApp link called FRIENDS OF Hon. David McJunior. Unfortunately, all you get is a two poorly written reviews on the political news they don’t understand themselves. Now they think they have made it.

I can agree these are noble, ambitious efforts, which should stand appreciation. But ambitious for what? Just why is our modern-day culture so obsessed with fame motive? An increasing number of youth are falling by the allure to seem great, but only in show and not in substance. Nobody wants to be famous for a particular talent or putting any work, they just want to be famous so they can feel better accepted, which is wrong.

Fame is very good as it can bring you inestimable opportunities for going one step beyond. As a writer, I would feel great to be recognized. But I understand fame isn’t just a crap shoot. It happens because of some very important factors.  I’m not to sensitize people pretentiously. I’ve got to put up a great show of writing talent. I have to up my creativity. I’ve got to produce then philosophise later.  I should aspire to achieve the celebrity status through a great achievement.

In the same way, you should be identified for some great purpose, some extraordinary project. When you fake your way into fame, you may start to believe your own lie, which can lead to disastrous outcomes.

It is expensive to trick your way into influence without doing anything remarkable. How much will you spend in buying things that push this appeal among your friends, for to want fame is to display status. There is temptations to hurt your friends with new designer clothes, designer perfume, designer bags. Can youth understand at once that financial independence is more important than status display. I’ve been a victim but I learn that I only need a few necessary stuff, especially in school.

Furthermore you ignore your personal responsibilities and put more realistic goals on the back burner. It is a waste of time since you have to assert your desire by walking around to be seen. 

You will never be famous and that is O.K! We have to avoid the temptation of fame motive and instead do the quiet brick and mortar business that leads to true success. This is not a fringe idea.

Celebrity arms race

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