Practising the Subtle Art of Minding the Gap

We ignore the red flags but, when strange, unusual occurrences show up, we pull and adduce metaphysical evidence to explain those very strange things

Like many people, I fall prey to this time-tested method of treating pain/illnesses: ignoring it untill it goes away.

Last month, I went home for elections after a particular bad flare-up of body rashes – almost everywhere, occasioned by a terrible fungal infection.

I ignored the warning signs thinking it would end up soon, only to notice an upsurge. Only then I decided to see a doctor for medical check up. Which meant, I would be put under drugs for a couple of days – even a month, just so, you know.

But majority of the rashes found their way onto outrightly visible spots like my neck. Drying up, they left awfully looking whitish-black spots, which made me a kind of museum for curious onlookers! 

I hate terrible comments some people were just making, with brutal honesty enough to instigate self-rejection. “You stopped washing your body.” Comments that made me feel as though I was less mindful of my hygiene and health.

But there is one awesome idea the whole of this experience was reaffirming – the ability to notice and bridge the gap in any kind of situation or occurence before hell brakes lose. 

Were the few rounded body marks I noticed from the outset not enough red flags to make me take action?

It opens up a discussion into one general, funny tendency of folks to be so remiss at things. Someone doesn’t bother to smear cow dung on the floor of his hut for years and when jiggers come calling, he turns around and claims he has been bewitched by a jealous neighbour.

Another knows pretty well that his lineage is coloured by a kumbafu gene. But he doesn’t bother to do genetic engineering by eloping with a primary school teacher’s daughter. When he ends up with dunderheads for children, he whips around and claims the granny across the ridge bewitched him.

We ignore the red flags but, when strange, unusual occurrences show up, we pull and adduce metaphysical evidence to explain those very strange things. 

There is a natural law in the physical realm called the law of cause and effect. In this arrangement, nothing happens out of chance, but all is a result of a law which cannot err. 

This law says that all achievement, wealth, happiness, prosperity and success are the direct and indirect effects or results of specific causes or actions (From The 21 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Money).

I learn that we should develop the habit to meet ’causes’ by a dedicated daily action. Accurate and timely diagnosis of anything is half the cure.

So, let’s mind the gap. And happy birthday to me!😉


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