Writer Boniface Sagini: A sweeper can write, a banker can write – Anyone

OneStepBeyond want to be at the forefront for solution to the problems of the youth. My one consuming desire is to put youth on the path to becoming global talents. To become people of greater influence and wield an expanded influence.

Boniface Sagini is on the path of my mission. He is a writer and an Engineering student. Here is our lively interview:

Your debuted book, Thrills and Chills -Trudging Through life, is inarguably a great book written by a young man, making you one of the best writing mavens in town. How does this status make you feel? Pride? Conquest? Exhilaration?

It doesn’t feel great as you probably make it sound. 
Truth is, I feel gratified when I appear on magazines or TV or when people send me decorative reviews on my book but I haven’t achieved the status of what you call, ‘one of the best writing mavens in town.’ 

I’m just a young writer  trying.  I’m not a sensation. Many people who have an idea that I’m a writer have not quite accepted me. Only my readers believe I’m a great writer.

You are studying Civil Engineering in the Technical University of Kenya but speak so much about writing inspirational materials. Already, you are doing a second book on things encroaching upon youths. What is the connection between the two faculties?

People suppose only folks doing Journalism or Language/Literature write, which is wrong. But the truth is: Some of them are not necessarily good or passionate at writing despite having the edge of having studied about writing.
Also, a human being is capable of multiple competencies.

Joyce Meyer is a preacher and a writer. Kevin Hart is a comedian and a writer. Barack Obama is a lawyer, politician and writer. Prof E J Gordon was an architect and a writer. I study Civil engineering and I’m a writer. 

A sweeper can write. A Banker can write. 

An engineer can write.

People get over yourselves,  everyone can write.

What two decisions in your teen do you regret most?

Beating up a class 7  pupil when I was in class 8.

Asking a girl to dance with me when I in fact didn’t know how to dance.

What do you think about your government?

Inflation is high.

Young people are battling with issues such as self-rejection and personality concerns like how to make their stomachs look smaller when they sit down. As an ace about the study of life, make a comment.

I think we need to accept and love ourselves the way we are. That’s when we can mature. 

Majority of campus students score great grades, can build good dams but can neither communicate nor write fluently and coherently in English? Why this? How can it be remedied?

I notice that too. Some of them scored straight As in English but their English is broken right now. And Kiswahili.
I think a little reading can help heal.

According to you, is life fair?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Nooooooo!

I watched this on Victoria’s Lounge. One girl grows up without a father. Life changes. She gets married. She gets happy but it does not last. They get involved in a grisly accident. She gets injured. Her husband dies. She gets diagnosed with cancer. Later on fire razes down her house with everything she has.
Life is unsparing. 

I’ve had our readers asking how they can know they have talents? How really? 

I guess you’ve got to try doing things.Take a stub at singing or chess or writing or anything and listen to what people think you are good at. 

But for me it was pain that facilitated my writing to manifest.

Whom do you admire the most and why?

I admire many people but mostly Dr. Vincent Ogutu. He is a DVC at Strathmore university. He is brainy. He is an orator. He is God-fearing.  And downright Humble. He is also very inspiring. And he is my mentor.

OneStepBeyond has given you chance to set your last question then answer. On your marks, set, ready, go…

Haha. This is convenient.
Q. Where can we read more about Thrills and Chills? 
A. Well, there are so many avenues.
You can read the praise for the book and more:
You can download a brochure:

Like and visit  Thrills and Chills Facebook page:
Or read on Amazon Kindle:

Check it also on Goodreads:
Or call me 0714313962

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