Ruguru Kimani, a Parenting Coach, speaks with OneStepBeyond

Meet Ruguru Kimani, a 22 year old, turning 23 next month – happy early birthday! A parenting coach and blogger. She loves to describes herself as half-human and half-amazing. The first born in a family of six. She is a fourth year medical student at Maseno and would love to specialize in paediatrics – the branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of children. She says she doesn’t have a child yet. OneStepBeyond interviewed with her online.

We have noted your enthusiasm on coaching about parenting yet, you don’t have a kid. Defend yourself.

I am the first born of 6 children and I have participated in raising my siblings. That has given me experience in child care. I am also a medical student and paediatrics has been one of my best units so far. I am using my knowledge gained from school to educate parents.

In summary, what does positive parenting entail?

Positive parenting entails bringing up children as you learn and teach them new values in life. It also gives the society a well rounded team player.

Life has become a rat race, defined by the helter-skelter way we go about our businesses, sometimes leaving kids in the care of house helps or day care centres. What’s your position on this?

In my personal opinion, it would be best if a parent was in a position to raise their children themselves. It is however not possible as they have to work. Here is where day care centers and house girls come in. I would prefer a day care center as a child is able to interact with other children and also there is close to zero risk of mistreatment.

How can irresponsible parents affect the development of their kids?

Children born in a family with irresponsible parents have the characteristics of their parents inevitably trickled down to their own life. 

Some parents like comparing their kids with others. What kind of emotional impact will it have on a child’s psyche?
Comparison of a child to others affects their own self-esteem. These are the children that grow up believing that other children are better than themselves and will always take second place in the society. They also do not stand up for themselves as they believe that other people are better than they are.

How can parents help develop confidence in their kids?
Here is one of my amazing pieces on improving confidence in a child

Should we study about parenting or is it something we naturally find ourselves excelling at?

Parenting is something that comes up naturally, but I believe that it being an important aspect in life, it is good to put in some research and find out more. We do research in business, housing, why not also look into ways of bringing up our children?

What are you most proud of in your life?

This one got me thinking so hard. I think it’s the ability to understand that every single achievement I have had is by the grace of God. Never taking the glory but knowing that everything happens through God’s will.

From Ruguru’s gallery

Tell us about your blog, exciting parenting.

This is a blog where I write amazing how-to-do posts on ways of bringing up children. I also touch a bit on paediatric health cases. I am also looking into sharing tiny snippets of my life, of which I am yet to set a clear line.

How can a campus student be the red apple in a basket of greens?

Campus offers a variety of opportunities which if seized could shape one’s life. By setting my priorities right, it has helped me come all the way and rise above all odds.

What according to you is the biggest challenge in parenting? And, how should we face it?

According to me, I think that disciplining children is one of the greatest challenge. Every parent should take time to learn their children and create an incentive for good behavior for them.


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