Beware, What You Post Online might Reveal Your Stupid Underbelly! This is How

I don’t have qualms with the comic posts you make just about anything you cherish. Often times we get overtaken by events, new places, new people and feel the urge to surprise our friends and followers with our experiences, for example – hey there, enjoying myself with cuzo in Kawangware, hey, I’m now eating chicken wings bought by bae at Merica hotel, in a bus travelling to Rodi Kopany. 

The type of posts we make might signal a narcisistic society desperate for symbols to idolise. But it is in the middle of that idolism that we  find ourselves posting information inconsistent with our beliefs to get likes and adoration. We not only regret why we even thought of hitting that ‘post’ button, but also realise we have had a fair display of our stupid underbelly. By this time, the whole world would have noted it and probably began to conjure up images of who the hell we are. Well, while we console ourselves it is not important after all what people will be thinking of us – which I agree is a superb behavioral palliative to image destruction, posting just about anything is a terrible habit which only destroys our personal, hard-built brands.
The probability that you post a stupid thing is independent of any other characteristic you have. Economist Cipolla posits “Stupidity is a variable that remains constant across all populations. Every category one can imagine—gender, race, nationality, education level, income—possesses a fixed percentage of stupid people. There are stupid college professors. There are stupid people at Davos and at the UN General Assembly. There are stupid people in every nation on earth. How numerous are the stupid amongst us?” Thats why I’m sure we all poses a fixed percentage of gusto to post stupid content, and I’m helping you to be aware of that so you can avoid it. 

Many scholars have researched and written widely about thoughts, and they tell us thoughts are the most powerful human resources we have. Napoleon Hill, for example wrote that thoughts are things, and powerful things at that. The book I currently read, As a Man Thinketh, tends to propagate the same theoritical pedagogy – mind is the master-weaver, both of the inner garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance. Even the good book says as a man thinks so is he. What and how we think is exactly what we show the world. So, if you show the world stupidity, then it goes without saying that your thought process is steeped in reductive mediocrity and idiocy. And people begin to delineate a stupid you. And cut you down to sizes. And put you in your rightful place.Don’t post party photos showing you inebriated or a hand placed where it shouldn’t be. Don’t post what chicken you are plucking or cow you’re milking. Or what you had for breakfast. Don’t you post  arguments and rants, you may come across as an overly negative person, not the kind people will want in their lives. Eliminate profanity from your online and offline vocabulary. Stop shairing belligerantly offensive messages. And pictures of dead people even if they were your relation. It is just needless to show people how unreserved you are. And consider it a bold move to block anyone from your digital life who posts utter mediocrity.
Show me what you post and I will tell you who you are.


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