Georgina Mulwa: I Paid My School Fee with Proceeds from my Businesses

Georgina Mulwa. I mistook her for a second year student or thereabout.

I mistook her for a second year student or thereabout. Looking young, composed and wearing a big smile, she was enthusiastic about relating her own success story. Georgina Mulwa is a born again Christian, a high energy and absolutely versatile young girl. She wears two hats: a student and a budding entrepreneur.

Born in Machakos county and the second born in a family of five. She is a finalist at Egerton university taking Bsc. Agriculture and Human Ecology Extension. She says she is so passionate about business and loves to cultivate creative and innovative thinking in the line of entrepreneurship. She loves travelling and cooking and she is a committed listener.

Georgina runs three businesses concurrently: Mat making, designer scarfs and manufacture and sales of liquid soap. She learned how to make the table mats back in 2016 during her industrial attachment at Stella Cometa Organization. She says, “At Stella, I met a certain woman, a beneficiary of the organization and she willingly taught me how to make them though at first I was resistant because my field of study did not match with bead works.”

She begun mat making immediately after the attachment, that’s August 2016 and her first client was her mum “She encouraged me a lot and through her I got more clients. When I returned to school, my potential clients were the lecturers and a few students, currently as we speak I got two permanent customers back at home” says Georgina.

To increase her range of products, her passion in bead works rose to making designer scarfs with beads, bangles and necklaces for ladies and believes more is on the way.

She started up the liquid soap business in 2015 which she sells to hotels around the university, students and lecturers.

Mini table mat

Asked how the business has transformed her life, she says “I no longer ask my parents for money either for shopping, rent, upkeep or anything, I’m on my way to be a completely financially independent woman. I managed to pay my fourth year school fees through my business.”

Beautiful bangles.

She talks about what those around her thinks of her and her enduring sense of corporate social responsibility “I may not know if my friends are jealous but what I’m sure of is that majority are pleasantly challenged in that they will begin to ask questions on how I learned these  things, how I juggle it with my studies and many questions. For those interested in my work and want to know the art, I do teach them for free, for example, my three current roommates all know how to make the mats and liquid soap. Back at home, have taught mat making to more than five girls and have two women with whom I work throughout.”

Designer scarfs @ Ksh 400

To up her marketing efforts, she got a Facebook page:  Egecy Collections where she does most of her marketing even to other groups but also does that through sending to WhatsApp groups and friends and lastly showcasing products to people personally by going to their offices, homes and hostels.

She can customize the mats by inscribing your name or organization onto it.

Here is Georgina on juggling school and business ” I never miss classes to do business, once I get clients for my products, I make them mostly on weekends or when am free. I try to create time to satisfy the needs of my customers in time.

Table mat. Price depend on sizes and ranges from Ksh 100 - 800

The challenges she has faced are; dealing with defaulters and clients who don’t pay at the right time, but before then, she admits having had a challenge in the management of profits. She says it has not been especially  easy marketing to clients removed from her whenever she is in school.

"Don't sit on your potentials"

Georgina was not short of pieces of advice to us, “The advice I can dole out is this: Don’t sit on your potentials, everybody has his or her abilities and areas of interest and at that moment you realize this, wake up and walk and work toward achieving it, and importantly,  endeavour to seek the patronage of God and He will surely direct you toward realizing your call and purpose in life. Don’t be so much concerned about the challenges you will face on the way but focus on your goals.”

In future, she looks forward to expanding the business, starting a company and employing people.
Thank you for your interview with OneStepBeyond, the only place that reaffirm and communicates your worth and potentials. And thanks for making a contribution out there. Want to reach Georgina for her products? Please send email here: Thanks.

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9 thoughts on “Georgina Mulwa: I Paid My School Fee with Proceeds from my Businesses

  1. encouraging and motivating ..
    God asked moses ” what’s that on your hand”. and Georgina have realized what in her hands can bring forth a living. Surely God is just and will reward you abundantly.
    already made some order for table mat remember ?, . bravo!!

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  2. We need such life determined first like Georgina keep it up. always there shall be oasis in your life May you be graced forever to illuminate may other you girls.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. once God blessed you no one will curse you,since He has imparted you with such innovation and inventive, believe that He has predestined you to high level in you bussiness……only trust he can……….be blessed Geogina

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nice work Georgina .You have pleasantly challenged me . I too will exploit my full potential .
    May the Almighty expand your business territories.

    Liked by 1 person

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