These Are the Proven 4 A’s For Solution

Guest Post, By Hussein Juma.

imageHussen Juma is a first year Journalism student at Moi University and also a contributor with “The Communicator” their campu’s publication.

“The problem of yesterday, added to the anticipated burdens of tomorrow and carried today makes the strongest falter.” – Dr. William Osler. Have ever imagined living in a world free of any kind of problem? Living the kind of life anticipated to be found in heaven? Yea, it is debatable. Some will say it is the best while others will not concur.

We live in an environment where we meet several problems on our way in our daily activities; anyway the problems we encounter aren’t the big issue, but solution to them. “We don’t go looking for problems but they keep trailing us,” Jeff Koinange – the renowned JKL  Citizen interview program host once said.

Therefore when a personal problem comes, we should employ the proven 4 A’s for solution. These are ADMIT, ACCEPT, ADAPT and ACT.

To begin with, ADMIT, which is the process of granting permission of your problem into your mind. Perhaps it’s the most important step because you are thereby pined to think of a solution to it. Moreover, it is said when we have forces from within, life begins but when we have forces from without, life ends.

You might have just received a compulsory leave or an end of termination of contract letter from your employee, an evacuation notice from your landlord, plunged into a relationship break-up, just to mention a few. Always remember no matter what, life has to move on. You are tasked to find a solution but to begin with is admission.

What do you do when it rains? You have no alternative but to let it rain. ACCEPTANCE becomes the second stage in solving your problem. Therefore acceptance is the process of receiving an obligatory and promise to pay. This is the point when you start thinking of how to pay, getting out of your problem because it is your obligation to do so. Furthermore the problem is yours and not anyone’s. You seek help from friends, consultants, confidants and anyone who you feel free to share your problems with. Remember a problem once shared is halfway solved but bear in mind that not all that you share your problems with will sympathize with you. Expect anything from them, though you should soldier on as challenges are to make us strong and you are in a mission to solve your problem.

We have to ADAPT after finding a solution to our problem. Adapt is to make suitable for or alter so as to fit for new use. From my little Biology, case example of natural acquired immunity where our white blood cells acts in a way that once they are attacked, they retain the virus in their memory so that next time such an attack occurs; they are able to defend themselves. In case you had found yourself in a bitter of need of money, then you should adapt by adopting a saving scheme. There is nothing wrong with saving because after all it’s your money.

The final process becomes ACT, which can be described as exertion of power to produce an effect. However hard it is to implement that problem, you have to exert pressure. A chick acts with power to crack the egg shell once it is time to hatch so as to overcome its problem. Imagine if a chick takes that initiative to break the egg, what is wrong with you exerting the same pressure? Always believe that everything is possible because even the word itself says I am possible.


Happy New Month.

#Writing Is A Labour Of Love ☺


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