“I look forward to Becoming an M.P or a Senator…”

Of all things I’ve done in my life, I’m most proud to have run a campus campaign at Egerton university. Entering Egerton’s sacred grounds, buildings and gardens as a freshman and after seeing how students conducted politics, I was immersed in a world I sought to make my own in a variety of complicated ways. It was a site of meaning in which I forged complicated, intersecting and occasionally contradictory political identity.

I always want to be at the helm of decision making and wished to PARTICIPATE more in helping shape Egerton’s politics. And it forms the basis for my political ambitions.

I got so definite in my quest for a campus political office; I did not want to be anything other than the Director Academics. Why? See, I’m a big admirer of a distinctive and highly styled ethos of academic excellence and nationhood, a development that corresponds directly to the expanding role higher learning institutions play in nurturing an elite, professional meritocracy.

Though I lost in the ballot, the very act of engaging in campaigns for close to a month served for my team and I as an important unifying experience and helped to foster an enduring sense of community among comrades.

Some of the aspirants, in grey suit is the current vice chair, Salim Omar in a red tie is the Director People with Disability

It prepared me to take on my role as a leader in the world beyond college gates. It shaped me to take on additional roles relevant to national interests by fostering ethos of leadership premised on notions of service to God, country and good

The initial line up of our team’s aspirants.

Even so, I’m a budding politician in this beautiful country of ours. I know I’m smart and talented and powerful, and can amount to much and deserving of a big post in my country, I look forward to becoming a member of parliament or a senator someday. Its just a matter of time before I can emerge like a butterfly from my chrysalis state of studentship and put on the glory of statesmanship.

University is something more than an institution of higher learning, they are vitally important incubators, “nurseries of statesmen, leaders and good citizens.” Campus has trained me, it has helped me attach a range of complex meanings to specific activities, experiences and ceremonies of  a political life. So, to all those ladies who may relish the thought of getting married to a senator, you now know I’m here!

I always want to be at the helm of decision making.

#Writing Is A Labour Of Love ☺


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