Hahahaaa..This is a Public Service Announcement ๐Ÿ˜‚

A friendly Request to Clip the Designer Tag off your Sleeve


There is a pretty trivial element related to men’s suits, it’s not about sizes colours or buttons, it’s about the designer tag on the cuff of the left sleeve. And I just want to let you know it is a grand thing to remove the designer label after procuring your garb.

The few suits I own are not totally cheap or ridiculously expensive, but I’m curious not to be committing some unwritten fashion faux pas by walkingย  with the tag, since I’m not really interested in advertising how nice and new my suit is. I only have a few nice ones but I’m not looking to rub peoples noses in it.

I’d just assume whether or not to remove the tag is up to one’s personal discretion but leaving it on is terribly, terribly tacky. In fact “quality” menswear shops should remove it for you.

The donning of this little and somewhat anachronistic embroidered label serve to differentiate the first time user of a suit from “industry players,” the fashion-enlightened from the ignorant. It sufficiently evidences your inability to fully grasp the intricacies of sartorial etiquette and is a potent reminder of your greenness.

Further still, leaving the tag on is the sartorial equivalent of keeping the protective plastic wrapping on your mattress and absolutely kills any panache your outfit otherwise had.

The primary purpose of the tag in life is to make it easier to pick out on a long rack of unsold merchandise. Also, to prevent some schlub from buying a suit, wearing it once for an interview or wedding, then returning it for a refund.

So dude, for heaven’s sake and for the sake of Christ, clip that puppy off.

#Writing Is A Labour Of Love โ˜บ


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