Why Training is Key to Success

Today, I did a spontaneous spot check in my school and was pleased to find fellow young people engaging in activities that provides opportunity for self growth, which is a very important thing in this world.

More often than not, I’m holed up in my room after classes, either scribbling away at my blog, reading a book or relaxing. And this is one way we may fail to recognise significant things happening in our immediate environment.

These magazines look beautiful but we may pay for them dearly out there.

The spot check begun in the library, had gone to read the February publication of Parents magazine. Young people were sorrounding the newspaper reading region, voraciously getting abreast with things happening around them. A couple were poring over the magazines and journals, which you can pay for dearly out there, thinking through the many ways the success stories captured therein can manifest practically in their lives too.

Wonderful youths poring over materials, look how they are really into it! Are they preparing for an exam?

Was particularly pleased with two ladies defying all odds to read the materials, learning ways they may be better future parents and vanguard of progressive women community. For the past two years I have been in campus, it has been almost a miracle to bump on a lady in these free reading zones, they must be reading much from their smartphones, we can positively judge.

I then got out to go catch up with a friend (a very dear one of course hehe…we are securely attached) but was trapped inside Kilimo hall ( the bigest in our school) by unending drizzling – you may want God to control rains this side of Sahara. In Kilimo, I found a galore of student initiated activities ongoing. There was school choir and drama trainings. The dedication of these people was remarkably great. Really pleasing to find young people doing constructive stuff that they love and are passionate about.

There is something I have learnt though. But before I can say it, its wise to appreciate how youths can infinitely expend their talents, their energies and geniuses. Just find what makes you happy, any unique way you can make a contribution and feel you are using your God-given self in the right way. It must not necessarily be an activity that promises commercial value, whenever we begin to focus on money above the price to be paid to arive at it, we unwittingly delude ourselves. Just getting to PARTICIPATE provides a certain primary motivational force that keeps you on your pedestal, it gives you impregnable footing.

Getting to PARTICPATE provides a certain primary motivational force that keeps you on your pedestal, it gives you an impregnable footing.

So this is what I learnt: The value of TRAINING. The only way we can ever sustain our talents and remain on course long enough is through consistent training, which is a scientifically tested and confirmed method of reinforcing learning in behavioural science studies. Never in the history of winning has any team neglected the idea of training. Succes and training are two inextricably linked bed mates. Whenever I see our school rugby team train every evening, I understand they want to be better and remain formidable and to attain a competitive edge ahead of the crowd. So does our choir and drama teams.

I have had my readers give me a million dollar worth of laudatory publicity on my writing, asking me to write for money. Which is a very encouraging thought. Yes I have modest hopes for my writing and even I’m willing to burn all bridges and stake whatever is remaining of my life in my ability to earn through it. But I always insist on taking more time to train so that when riches begin to come they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that I wonder where they have been hiding during all those lean years.

When riches begin to come they come so quickly in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years. And whenever e we begin to focus on money above the price payable to acquire it, we unwittingly delude ourselves.

Training does take time and resources – you have no idea what amount of bundles it costs me to maintain a wordpress account though you can always get these thoughful articles for free. This means I have, from time to time to cut back on my expenses for meals as I also have a tight budget on my end. Ocassionally, I take a whole day to complete a write-up which you can read within ten minutes for less than 20 kbs ensconced in your bed or sitting nonchalantly on that couch! Indeed we should take advantage of things others have labored hard for to improve our lives. Here is philosopher Socrates on this one principle which you can uncover and appropriate for your own self improvement, please listen like your life depends on it:

Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for. – Socrates.

Congratulations on your month March. Next month, I will bring closer to you both serious and flippant articles on these carefully selected topics: Why African Youth perceive Agriculture as a Poor man’s business,
Why Ladies wearing pants in church are frowned upon in Africa, The Art of starting small, Debate; Do we need tribal Coalitions in Campus, Here is what we need for our journey towards success and financial freedom, Time has got a way of changing leadership perspectives and most importantly, The best way to Prepare ourselves for the gruelling realities of Out of Campus life among others you most likely want to hear. You may want to comment in the box below which article among those you are seriously waiting for.Thank you always, I love you.

Thanks always for being a dedicated reader of OneStepBeyond. You are powerful!

#Writing Is A Labour Of Love ☺


4 thoughts on “Why Training is Key to Success

  1. Thanks Sir, it’s​a nice piece of advice,I love it,…
    my awaited article is ,,Why African Youth perceive Agriculture as a Poor man’s business, and others too coz I believe they will be of help to me.
    Thanks in advance sir


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