A Lilting Testimony, In his Own Words

Hello, I am grateful for this post made by Willy Kipyegon, a Public Health student at Kissi university. I did not cajole him to write, he just did it. I thought you would like it. Enjoy


I did Not Achieve it in Isolation

In every society that we live in, everyone is a communitarian, thriving best in social connection. Relationality is everything. And even so, we get help from one another, we build each other to become a successful team. And my story with writing is not far from this idea of communitarianism and relationality.

I always had a burning desire to breath, sleep, walk, eat and talk through writing. At first I thought I did not have the courage to write but when I read Moses Auma on magazine Reel and asked for his email, that’s when I realized that there were just things I needed to know before I could write.

I remember pretty well, it all started with emailing. After a short exchanges and telling him that I like writing, our friendship took a new turn. I remember him telling me that those who like reading and writing automatically qualify to become his friends. And to be a good writer, I had to be trained, for we don’t assume we know!

The training started the day that followed. He put me through a rigorous online training. Where we really looked into many aspects: Developing a catchy title, coming up with an engaging paragraph one that draws in the readers, how to research and get articles, effective paragraphing, short and clear sentence structures, unity of words, graceful narration, the ending, and how to achieve the desired word count. Among many other aspects that are really, really important.

And even after the training and into the execution stage, especially when I wrote garbage-like articles, I felt like giving up and always looked for a valid reason to cushion my giving up formula, lest I be judged as a quitter. Auma could not have possibly allowed that to happen, he reached down and held my hand up explaining to me that it was quite in order for me to begin small.

He not only emphasized the need for resilience, he brought articles which we discussed on WhatsApp and this really opened my literary eye. He recommended that sometimes, I stop writing to give more time for reading.

What is more, he dedicated his time to edit my articles to give it form and authenticity, which he continues to do and I am grateful for. His unique ability to hold someone’s hand until you really know how to do it is what makes him a true leader. He really never gives up on you even if you make the silliest of mistakes.

His training took me off the ground with my first article being featured glamorously on Magazine Reel. The article is here and I know you will love it; Write Because you Have a Story to Tell Says A young Campus writer. Since then I have been blogging with WordPress as well on;  kipyegonwilly.wordpress.com.  I will be a columnist in Kenya one day, I am positive.

It can take me forever to recount on each and every step with Moses. I’m forever grateful to him, he has been with me to this far. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. There is certain joy and peace of mind you get from writing. For crying out loud, I would recommend any aspiring writer to have him take you through the online article training. And to mentor you. That is the start point. His training is out of this world!


5 thoughts on “A Lilting Testimony, In his Own Words

  1. That’s a very breathtaking comment about you Auma and its so encouraging to know that there is someone outside there who is dedicated to the growth of young writers …for sure if u walk many you’ll reach far…get as many as you can..

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