The Pain of Losing Royalty


I watch with a feeling of resignation the clip in which the Gambian strong man, Yahya Jammeh heartily conceded the defeat. Congratulating the president-elect Adama Barrow. He told him he did not have ill-will. That the Gambian people had spoke and that he was not keen on contradicting the will of Allah. That he was thankful to the Almighty Allah for his 22 years in the presidency.

He even promised Barrow he would guide him into the presidency drawing from his wealth of many years in leadership. He even advised Barrow to have peace and stability as his cornerstones without which no African leader can prosper. That he would now proceed to his rural areas to farm.

But his change of mind is what really appales. And it reveals how African incumbents are vulnerable in the face of loosing an election. After the congratulatory message, lately, his change of mind that is, his allegations that the electoral commission committed gross anomalies exposes the soft underbelly of hypocritical unoriginal African heads of state, their unwillingness and ineptitude to change their fortunes.

ECOWAS and AU have maintained Barrow will be sworn in on 19/1/17 by hook or crook. But Jammeh’s team have insisted that the electoral petition must be considered first, though there are not even enough Supreme court Judges to preside.

This heralds an ugly political impasse tinged with miasma of socioeconomic frenzy. And that needs preemptive solution.


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